Memphis Is Music

A local musician has poured his struggles and past into a new EP to be released in the next few months in hopes of reaching those with similar problems.

While most would keep their struggles a secret, 21-year-old Phillip Pierce of Memphis has used them as fuel for his new EP, Heartfelt. He used his battle with alcohol, drugs, and losing his friends and the trust of his family as motivation.

Pierce had been in quite a few bands, some of which successful. However, for two years he was dealing with addictions and losing those closest to him. In February 2013, a month after kicking off his current band, In The Air, he started the journey to becoming clean.

Teaming up with fellow musician Josh Kikta, they started on Heartfelt. “For the first time in my life, music had failed me simply because no songs really fit how I felt” said Pierce. The duo then began working on putting what Pierce knew into music. What he knew was challenge. “I wrote the EP as an insight, so whatever is screamed are my thoughts and what is sung is what I actually said” he said.

“It takes persistence and a drive more than anything” Pierce said about recording the EP. “I think if I didn’t have the drive I’ve had, this project would have ended months ago.” However, Pierce is persistent on wanting to get this out there and give a young generation hope to overcome struggles.

Pierce’s goal in this EP is to put what he was feeling into words. “I wanted it to be something people could listen to and say ‘Yeah, that’s me right now'” Pierce said. He plans to tour in the near future, but is now focused on recording Heartfelt.  The EP is planned to drop in May of this year, and contributions can be made through a link on their Facebook page.

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