10 Dance Lessons that Carried Into the Real World

1. Get back up. You only get one shot. If you mess it up, KEEP GOING. You fell? Stand up. Keep dancing. A dancer does not run off stage because of a stumble, she finishes the dance and looks elegant doing it.

2. Smile. It doesn’t matter if your boyfriend dumped you or your dog died or your false eyelash is hanging in your eye while there is a safety pin stabbing into your hip. You keep smiling. People want to see you stumble, because people can suck. Shock them and don’t let it phase you. Keep that smile, even if you landed that death jump on your head and have to finish half the dance with a concussion.

3. Stay centered and stay grounded. Don’t let life push you over, and don’t let your ego get too big. Know who you are and where you come from. You can’t go through a dance looking at the ground, but you have to trust that the ground is there when you need it.

4. Stay on your toes. Be spontaneous. Don’t fall into predictability. Be adventurous and do great things. Those things don’t happen when your heels are dug into the ground.

5. Make up can make or break you. So can hair. This is just a general life tip.

6. Never mess with a ballerina because odds are she could kill you while en pointe and look gorgeous doing it.

7. Know your limit. Push that limit, but don’t be reckless. Push yourself to be a better you. But be careful, because one push too hard can land you incapable of doing what you love. Know your body.

8. Learn to take constructive criticism. Do not take everything personally. If someone corrects you, thank them. They took time out of their day to make you better, appreciate their willingness to teach.

9. There is always room for improvement. It doesn’t matter how many times you have done a combination, it will NEVER be perfect. You can always grow as a person, and that is something you should strive for. Live for improvement. On your last day, you don’t want to look back thinking “Man I should have put more effort into this job or that relationship.” Give 100% now and grow every single day.

10. Passion is everything. Do what you love, love what you do. If you aren’t happy with something, change it. If you are, grow with it and make it better. We only get to do this life once, so spend it doing what you love.

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