Stepping Into the Real World: My First Week on the Job

SB logoMy internship at Southern Bride Magazine is a dream come true. The five women in our office are warm, welcoming, and eager to help me learn the ropes. This semester, I will be writing three different blog posts weekly, that may or may not be published on their website! I am also under our Advertising Director and one of the Editor In Chiefs, so I will be completing tasks they give me on top of my writing assignments. I also get to do intern things, such as run errands, deliver magazines, and ship magazines to vendors.

This week, I wrote posts about white bridesmaid’s dresses and what to do with a groom’s cake. It may not seem like much, but getting to write in an office for a real magazine is an opportunity I never thought I would have. It will be challenging at times, with the publication of the next issue coming up. There are deadlines to make, decisions to be made, and vendors to contact. Speaking of which, contacting vendors will prove to be troublesome at times. As a journalist, we have deadlines. Some vendors like to take their time answering emails, and that can make the process a bit stressful.

I am thankful for this experience. Getting to show potential employers my work on a national outlet will certainly help propel my career. I will gain valuable knowledge about the industry, as well as a professional skill set to aid me in the future. Not to mention, the specific focus on weddings could help me gain a job in the industry one day (which is a dream for a 20-something female).

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