My Wedding Dress Obsession: BHLDN

So in my attempt at finding y’all some affordable but not “cheap” wedding dresses, I have stumbled upon BHLDN, Anthropologie’s Wedding line. Well, let me back up, I’ve known about them for ages, but always assumed that, much like their parent company, they would be WAY out of my price range, I never paid them much attention until lately.

YOU GUYS. I CAN’T. They are by far some of the most unique and gorgeous dresses I have found, are fantastic quality, and are just so dreamy. ~Not to mention, it is so hard to find a reliable site to buy dresses online~

My favorite would have to be the Rhapsody Dress, coming in at on $499 (which is a STEAL, I mean LOOK at how beautiful this thing is).



I also love the Heritage gown, a little pricier at $975, but with the lace and illusion neckline, you’ll look like $$$$$.


The last beauty I’ll show you today is the Ariane gown, at $1,400. Lace, a flowing skirt, and a sexy yet modest V-neckline. BLHDN wins again.



So, here you are, three of my absolute faves from BHLDN. You can probably tell I am a fan of the romantic, flowy, lacey style (and straps, I am a HUGE supporter of straps, because comfort). And honestly, I am shocked at their prices. SO, if you’re looking for your dream dress, but can’t seem to find the boutique style for a not-so-boutique price, give BHLDN a go, send me pictures, let me know what y’all think about it!


*this post contains affiliate links, but I would NEVER support an item or company that I didn’t 100% believe in*

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