Wedding Details I Bought Off Amazon

I’m all about saving money, especially in my current season of life. Seriously, I went from blowing every dollar I made to hoarding money like the world is ending tomorrow. It’s a lesson I didn’t learn quite soon enough. But that’s off-topic.

When it came to the wedding, apart from the food, photographer, and my dress, there wasn’t really much I cared deeply about. I’ve tried to save money and cut corners where we could, and that means I’ve ordered a LOT of stuff from Amazon. If you know me, you know I don’t pull the trigger on purchasing anything without reading tons and tons of reviews and pro/conning it into oblivion (just ask me how booking the honeymoon went).

Today, I’m sharing some things I ordered off of our favorite online retail giant that ended up being GREAT. Disclaimer: I may make a small commission from purchases made from these links. BUT I promise to never share anything I haven’t tried myself and loved. With that being said, let’s dive in shall we?

This plate set that makes your place settings pretty and convenient.

Our caterer provides plates and cutlery, but they’re completely atrocious and they discount the price of the food if you don’t need them. We decided to go with our own and looked at lots of options from renting real dishware to paper plates from Target. We didn’t want the burden of having to wash dishes or get them returned, and no paper or plastic plates I could find in stores fit my theme and budget. My mom found these on Amazon and I am SO impressed. They’re beautiful, have a fine-china type of look and are sturdy enough for BBQ and ribs (we’re from Memphis). The pack is $79.90 and includes 120 large plates and 120 smaller dessert plates.

These napkins that look & feel like linen but are totally recyclable.

 Along with the plates, I didn’t want cheap napkins that wouldn’t hold up to the Memphis BBQ nachos and ribs we’ll be having. We ordered these and tested them at my bridal shower last weekend and they are amazing. They feel like real napkins but are disposable (remember to recycle, guys!) and don’t rip easily. You can buy them pre-folded, pre-folded to make a little silverwear pocket, or rolled with a napkin ring. We just did folded and are going to set them on top of the plates. But, the ability to have the folding or rolling done for you is a huge help. This pack came with 240 napkins and was $40.90. They also have a pack of 120 for $22.90. Price varies based on which ones you pick.

This jewelry set that only looks like you spent a lot of money on it.

I’m not a big jewelry wearer. I have one Kendra Scott necklace & earrings set I wear daily. That with my engagement ring and Apple Watch are as good as it gets. Spending money on a fancy set I knew I would only wear once was just not something I wanted to do. My goal was to find something that fits more like a choker, since that’s my style. This is lightweight and fits nicely close to the neck for a choker-ish effect. It came in a really nice little box and includes a microfiber pouch to store it in. The necklace is beautiful and doesn’t look like I bought it for $25.99 off of Amazon. The one thing I will say is that it doesn’t have the usual chain extender on the back. It has a clasp finish that I’ve seen used on bracelets before (again, not a jewelry person so NO idea what it’s called), and it comes with an extra clasp to extend the length a little bit. If you’re someone with a thicker neck or you don’t like jewelry fitting like a choker, I would find something else. But for me, this was perfect!

This garter set, because who actually cares about these things? 

Probable the detail I cared the least about, I just needed something for my fiance to toss. I was not about to drop more than $10 on a piece of elastic I’ll look at once then stuff in a drawer somewhere. This little guy is only $6.01 and is great quality, looks fine for what it is, and is SUPER stretchy to fit lots of leg sizes.

This little white dress for your bridal shower or rehearsal dinner.

I’ll be 100% honest, I returned this. I ordered it too big thinking I’d like it loose, but this is a dress that is built to fit a little snug. BUT that being said, this was absolutely beautiful. The quality was superb, like something I’d expect to buy at a department store. The lace was dainty and elegant, and it wasn’t the least bit see-through. It was long enough to get away with wearing in a church for a rehearsal. I would say it runs true to size, I ordered an XL and should have got a large or medium. It was $38.99, which is more than I’d usually pay on Amazon, but I would say it was definitely worth it. Do yourself a favor and buy this.

These are just a few of the things I’ve ordered, but I’m waiting for the others to get delivered or be put to use before I share my thoughts. I hope this helped at least one person with some wedding prep!

Until next time,


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