Life Update: Wedding, Honeymoon, Quarantine

Hi friends! Since the last time we hung out, I’ve gotten MARRIED (yo wut…), went on an amazing honeymoon, and got locked down in quarantine on a separate continent than my husband. Fun times. Here’s a little life update & some things you can expect from me in the coming weeks!

First things first, the wedding was absolutely amazing. Everything was so much more than I could have ever hoped for. The entire day was drama-free, fun, and literally perfect. I’m so happy we were able to get married surrounded by our friends and family right before the COVID-19 situation happened, and my heart goes out to all of the brides who have had to change their plans. Just remember, the ONLY important thing is that you get married. Outside of that, nothing else is necessary. The two of you joining together with God to promise to serve Him and each other for the rest of your lives is and should always be the focus. Cancelling or changing your plans is scary and sad, but just keep the end goal in mind!


I’ll share our pictures when we have them, they (and the video) were taken by the lovely Shelby & Rick John, and they were the best. We loved having them around and felt like we were hanging out with friends. They kept us on task and made it so much fun with their goofy prompts. Some of my favorite scenes from our wedding trailer were created by Rick having all of my girls sing a different Brittany Spears song at the same time. The laughs were SO genuine! Our flowers were from John Mark Enterprises and were absolutely jaw-dropping. The reception space was unbelievable and he did SUCH an amazing job. We used Central BBQ, our local favorite, for the food. Desserts consisted of mini pies from Frost Bake Shop, donuts from Gibsons, and a cake made by a sweet little lady names Mrs. Mary in Millington. One of the biggest compliments I got was the food and desserts! Our dj was Justin Jaggers with DeepBlu Entertainment and he kept it just our style (I had a ridiculous list of must-plays and do-not-plays and he made it perfect. I danced the ENTIRE time). Charlotte with Made Up & Cuttin’ Up (also my now sis-in-law) & Jess Robinson Beauty made us all look beautiful for having stayed up the night before drinking wine and singing way too loud. And last, Avon Acres was our beautiful reception venue. I couldn’t recommend these vendors enough, and after this quarantine is over, PLEASE hit them up to schedule your big day!

Fun little wedding details:

Our first dance song was Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis (I was going for a Memphis vibe, can’t you tell?). My dad and I danced to Drive by Alan Jackson (we both have a love for cars and he taught me how to drive at a young age. The first time I heard that song years and years ago, I knew it was the one). And Ross and his mom danced to You’ll Be in My Heart by Phil Collins (so many tears during this).

My favorite part was during our first dance. I looked over at the table my bridesmaids were sitting at to see them all linked arms and singing along. A little later, the dj played Creed’s Higher (kind of a joke but we really do like that song) and Ross and all of his guys gathered round and sang it together. That happened a few times with a few different songs (Simple Man by Shinedown, a song by Taking Back Sunday that I can’t remember, and Dear Maria Count Me In by All Time Low). Screaming my favorite songs with my guy and my friends was unforgettable.

The Honeymoon:

On our wedding night, we stayed at the Hu Hotel in downtown Memphis. They were SO kind and we talked to some other guests in the lobby when we got there. The next morning, someone had left an adorable “Bride” wine cup at the desk for me. To whoever that was, THANK YOU!

We drove down to New Orleans the day after our wedding and spent a few days exploring. I’ll do an entire blog post on that next week, but we had an absolute blast. Thursday we boarded the Carnival Valor for a 4 day cruise to Cozumel. The crew was incredible and many drinks were had. We ended up on the Love & Marriage game as the most newly married couple in the audience (I WISH I had a video of this, it was hilarious) and were awarded a Ship on a Stick. I ended up getting sick the last night of the cruise with a sore throat.

The Quarantine:

After we got back from the honeymoon, we had about a week before Ross left for Australia. We stayed in an Air Bnb in midtown. I felt terrible and spent the whole week basically sleeping. It was still a fun week of being married and learning about each other after almost a year apart. He flew back to Australia on March 16th and just a few days later, the country shut down their borders.

This put a huge damper on some of our plans for this year, and it’s been a rough few weeks for me. I’ve been at my parents house since then, and have been furloughed. This definitely isn’t how I imagined our first few months of marriage going, but hey, life not going as planned is kind our our thing. We’re making the best of it and waiting patiently until this restrictions are lifted. God’s got a plan and a timeline and I trust in that!

About me being sick, I had ALL of the symptoms. Cough, aches, headache, no sense of smell, limited sense of taste, but no fever. It took forever to get my doctor’s office to respond, and after a week of trying to get in touch with them (I had went to see them earlier while Ross was still here, but it was before things got as bad as they did with the shut down) they sent me to a local hospital for testing. My test was negative, thank goodness, but at this point it had been a little over two weeks since I had gotten sick. So whether or not I had it, I won’t know until the antibody testing starts happening. We did get an email saying that there had been positive cases on the ship, and we were in New Orleans which has become a huge hotspot in America for the virus.

I’ll be posting more in-depth blogs about our wedding and the honeymoon next week with links and details! I just wanted to quickly share a little update with you guys. Thanks so much for sticking around and reading, see ya next time!


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